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Glock Switches, Glock Auto Sear Switch Switch Glock is machine gun conversion device is an accessory that, when installed, allows semi-automatic guns to fire without repeatedly pulling the trigger. The accessories are defined as a machine gun under the National Firearms Act even when not installed. 

However ordinarily alluded to as a Glock switch, police pressure that the weapon producer Glock doesn’t make these frill. Other common street names of glock switch for sale includes;

  • Auto sear
  • Glock auto sear
  • DIAS
  • Lightning link
  • Swift link
  • Selector switch
  • Glock selector switch
  • Chip
The firearm entered Austrian military and police service by 1982 after becoming the top performer in reliability and safety tests.
Glock pistols have become the company’s most profitable line of products, and have been supplied to national armed forces, security agencies, and police forces in at least 48 countries.
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Glocks are also popular firearms among civilians for recreational and competition shooting, home- and self-defense, both in concealed or open carry.
 In 2020, the Glock 19 was the best selling pistol on
The company’s founder, head engineer Gaston Glock, had no experience with firearms design or manufacture at the time their first pistol, the Glock 17, was being prototyped. Glock had extensive experience in advanced synthetic polymers, which was instrumental in the company’s design of the first commercially successful line of pistols with a polymer frame.

Benefits Of A Glock Switch

Glock Switches introduced ferritic nitrocarburizing into the firearms industry as an anticorrosion surface treatment for metal gun parts.
  • “Someone may be pointing in one spot, and the rounds may be heading off to some place totally unique since it turns into considerably more challenging to make due with Glock Switches.
More so, it provide numerous benefits to users. which are:
  • It allows you to know and unlock the full potentials of you glock device. with the ability to switch between semi automatic and automatic firing mode 
  • it enables you to fire more than one round.
  • it enables you to customise your pistol to suit your needs
  • wether you are using your pistol for target shooting, tactical operation, self defens the glock switch for sale gives you the opportunity to adapt in any situation
In 1980, the Austrian Military declared that it would look for tenders for a new, present day obligation gun to supplant their The Second Great War period Walther P38 handguns.
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The Government Service of Protection of Austria planned a rundown of 17 rules for the new age administration gun, including necessities that it would be self stacking; shoot the NATO-standard 9×19mm Parabellum round; the magazines were not to need any method for help for stacking; be secure against unplanned release from shock, strike, and drop from a level of 2 m (6 ft 7 in) onto a steel plate.
Subsequent to discharging 15,000 rounds of standard ammo, the gun was to be reviewed for wear. The gun was to then be utilized to discharge an overpressure test cartridge producing 5,000 bar (500 MPa; 73,000 psi).[dubious – discuss] The typical greatest working strain (Pmax) for the 9 mm NATO is 2,520 bar (252 MPa; 36,500 psi).

How To Put A Switch On A Glock

How to use a Glock switch is a relatively easy process that can be completed in just a few minutes without any manual. Here are the steps by step process to help you get started:
  • Ensure your Glock is unloaded and the magazine is removed
  • Remove the slide from your Glock
  • Remove the trigger housing from your Glock
  • Install the new trigger housing with the selector switch
  • Reassemble your Glock
Glock Switch became mindful of the Austrian Armed force’s arranged obtainment, and in 1982, collected a group of Europe’s driving handgun specialists from military, police, and regular citizen sport-shooting circles to characterize the best qualities in a battle pistol.
In no less than 90 days, Glock had fostered a functioning model that joined demonstrated systems and characteristics from past gun designs.[
moreover, the arrangement was to utilize engineered materials and present day producing advances, which prompted the Glock 17 turning into a savvy up-and-comer.
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A few examples of the Glock 17 (so named on the grounds that it was the seventeenth patent secured by the company) were submitted for evaluation preliminaries in mid 1982, and in the wake of passing the entirety of the comprehensive perseverance and misuse tests, the Glock arose as the winner.

Switch Glock

 As per Friedrich Dechant, previous Top of the Austrian Weapons and Guard Innovation Organization, the Glock P80 was obviously better than different handguns with regards to execution, taking care of, charging limit and price.
The handgun was taken on into administration with the Austrian military and police powers in 1982 as the Pistole 80 (P80),[20] with an underlying request for 25,000 guns.
The Glock 17 outflanked eight unique guns from five other laid out producers (Naysayer and Koch of Germany offered their P7M8, P7M13, and P9S, SIG Sauer of Switzerland bid with their P220 and P226 models, Beretta of Italy presented their model 92SB-F, FN Herstal of Belgium proposed a refreshed variation of the Searing Howdy Power, and the Austrian Steyr Mannlicher entered the opposition with the GB).
The consequences of the Austrian preliminaries started a flood of interest in Western Europe and abroad, especially in the US, where a comparative work to choose a help wide swap for the M1911 had been happening since the last part of the 1970s (known as the Joint Assistance Little Arms Program).
In late 1983, the US Division of Safeguard asked about the Glock gun and got four examples of the Glock 17 for informal evaluation.[22] Glock was then welcomed to take part in the XM9 Individual Guard Gun Preliminaries, however declined on the grounds that the DOD details would require broad retooling of creation hardware and giving 35 test tests in an unreasonable time frame.[22]

Where To Buy A Glock Switch

In 1985, after joint Norwegian and Swedish preliminaries from 1983 to 1985, the Glock 17 was acknowledged into administration as the P80 in Norway, and in 1988 as the Gun 88 in Sweden, where it outperformed all earlier NATO sturdiness standards.[23][24][22] subsequently, the Glock 17 turned into a standard NATO-grouped sidearm and was conceded a NATO Stock Number (1005-25-133-6775).[22] By 1992, nearly 350,000 guns had been sold in excess of 45 nations, incorporating 250,000 in the US alone.[20]
Beginning in 2013, the English Military started supplanting the Searing Hey Power gun with the Glock 17 Gen 4, because of worries about weight and the outer wellbeing of the Greetings Power.[25] The English favored the Glock 17 Gen 4 over the Beretta Px4 Tempest, FN FNP, Naysayer and Koch P30, SIG Sauer P226, Smith and Wesson M&P, and Steyr M9A1 of which 19 guns every, all loaded in 9×19 mm Parabellum, were placed in the R9GSP trials.[26][27]
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The French Military (FAF) in 2020 started supplanting their Macintosh Mle 1950 and, less significantly, their PAMAS G1 guns with Glock 17 Gen 5 models explicitly made for the FAF.[28] The French favored the Glock 17 Gen 5 over the HS2000 and CZ P-10 contributions that likewise come to the last choice stage.
A considerable lot of the original Glocks were delivered and sold in the famous “Tupperware” style plastic boxes. The earliest Glock boxes had ammo capacity compartments that considered 17 rounds of 9mm to be put away with the gun. This crate configuration was subsequently different by Glock to meet BATF import prerequisites and the ammo stockpiling compartments were removed.[31]

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